Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Who Knows Where Inspiration Comes From (Streetwize -Lost Without U)

God knows I've never blogged a video compilation of a group, solo artist or anyone else for that matter but not only did this grab my attention, it changed the whole flow of energy throughout my home. This is a magnificent piece - just what the doctor ordered!

Listening to my favorite streaming music service (Pandora of course) and struggling, struggling, struggling through an awful attempt to complete a blog post (https://livingconsultant.blogspot.com) which by now had me so totally drained and uninspired to go any further this came through just in time. With today being a national holiday and all, I wanted a sleepy relaxing day where my mind would be free to wander and be free of any type engagement I'm belabored with an incomplete assignment.

Sitting here at the PC for 4 hours doing everything but completing my post (not saying it isn't significant because it definitely is) yet, my determination to pull through this was undying. Then BAM! Out of nowhere comes this beautiful jazz arrangement of a song I totally love but love this arrangement even more - I just wanted to get up and dance, or go outside and play in the water using the garden hose, or be on a beautiful yacht in the middle of some beautiful expansive river with the cool breeze flowing and enjoying great conversation with close friends!

(Image courtesy of Fotolog)
And then when I saw the artists performing this arrangement  - I could have died! These look like babies still attending prom at the local high school. For real?!!

This is what dedication to craft and skill looks like. I can only imagine the hours the artists spent rehearsing, and writing, and listening, and feeling, and composing while rearranging... and making it happen. And now, to grab the attention of an Old Timer like me that it changes the course of my day and energy is beyond great. 

This same dedication to crafting skills is necessary in order to reach mastery. The hours spent now working, defining, researching, engaging, and sitting in (even on holidays when barbecuing is calling) suggests a higher calling being pursued.  When you have to struggle past the grind of complacency and setting your sights on higher ground the dedication and passion needed for the climb come by mysterious ways. One just never knows what motivational catalyst will come to move, shake, and rock away the boredom; listlessness. 

So hang in there! Yeah, your project(s) might start off funky and you feel as though you're locked in a dungeon as you watch and hear others dance and play. You just might have to sit at your PC and stare into nothingness. Remember, once its breaks its wide open -- and now you're the one wind sailing, enjoying exotic vacations, or simply barbecuing, because you won't have to wait for holidays to enjoy - any day becomes your (holiday) day! An earned day of rest is always sweeter!

Keep Going!

The Counselor